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Thursday, 03 April 2008

Goodbye Rambo (Pluto)

Tears poured down my cheeks as I received and read this message from Courtney about our mutual friend...

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008, Courtney Patrick wrote:

Dear Juanita

Its Pluto's mom, it's a very sad time for my family and me because at 6 tonight Pluto will be put to sleep, the vet believes that Pluto has a Brain tumour that might have started when he was hit by the car and has slowly grown.

This is still my loving Pluto but he has terrible mood swings - he can change at any second and has bitten my sister and then attacks people which the vet tell us that it is not actually him because he is not a mean dog it's the "other" Pluto.

Pluto slept on my bed last night and has been spoilt today!

I have sent some pictures. Pluto is a poser of note!

Love Courtney

P.S Thank you, for giving me this amazing opportunity of loving this little monkey! ;-(

Courtney Patrick
Ryedale Meadow, Hout Bay, South Africa mobile: 073 268 2275

Hi Courtney,

Im really sorry to hear this and thank you for letting me know. Thank you for taking so well care of Pluto in his short little life that he was on earth. He was obviously not meant to be here for a long time, and touched so many people with his courage and wagging smile. He is still a happy doggy in doggy-heaven and I know he will always love you for taking so well care of him.

lots of love
Juanita, Norman & Begeurah

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Anonymous said...

You'll meet again.
Lots of Hugs.
Sally G & Rufus
Please visit us for a little laughter:

Penny & Poppy said...

Norman, we are soooooo sorry! We know that you and his new family loved him a lot.

Poppy & Penny

Jackson said...

So sorry to hear your sad news. Jx

Claire Visser said...

That is so sad, but at least he is in Heaven where my dogs are.
Sending lots of love.