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Monday, 30 July 2007

Welcome Back Rambo!

Welcome back Rambo!

Mom went to fetch Rambo at the doggie hospital today... this was his home for the past 2 weeks.

this was his bed... (it was clean, warm and had a nice soft blankie for him to lie on)

This was the very kind lady doctor who cared for Rambo while he was in hospital...

I could not get enough of Rambo when he got home. I love to love! Its my favourite!

this is Mom trying to have a family pic taken of us... we all had a great big problem sitting still for the camera.

Mom sez I look funny when I look up at her...

... and this is my cute look again...

Well, after all the action, I had to make sure Rambo was comfortable in MY Rogz Bed, which I told mom to give to him for a little while... Its ok, he can use it for now, I dont mind.

Sweet dreams Rambo!

Click Here to read the story of Rambo when we first found him.

We are now looking for a willing owner. Please email me if you live in Cape Town and are willing to take on this very loving animal that so dearly now needs a good home. Thank you.


William Tell said...

Welcome home, Rambo! We're so glad you are feeling better and able to leave the hospital. Looks like you're in good hands.

William Tell

Claire said...

oh Rambo you are so handsome. I would have loved to have adopted you, but I was too late.
Keep strong big boy.