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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The diary of Norman

Hi there everyone,

well, no photo's for today, as Mom has done something to her camera. But I have been very busy doing stuff:

  • I love to play with my soccer ball.
  • I love to chase the birds in my garden.
  • I have been teasing boogie every day. My best part is biting her in her neck and then pulling the skin as hard as I can. Then she tries to bite me back, but Im often just too fast for her.
  • I still go for runnies on the beach with mom. Mom has this new thing where she runs for 3km. I follow her and its such fun. By the time we get home, I cant even tease Boogie any more!
  • I got a new Rogz doggie as a present the other day, because my old one only has its head left, the rest of its body was pulled apart nicely by boogie and me.
  • I still hang out in the window sills during the day, only to catch up on what the neighbours are doing. Boogie asked me to keep her updated on why the yakking from the doggies next door. So I give her a complete run down of events as and when they happen.
  • Ive not had any funny shakes for a long while, so all is good with me.
lots of love