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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My favourite hang out spots (inside the house)

Hi there,

These are my favourite places at which I enjoy hanging out at in the house (when mom is home).

When mom has a bath, I get to sit on the edge of the bath and chill out like humans do in steam rooms.
The Bath

A really good spot for me to hand out is in the window whilst mom is havin' a shower. I normally jump onto the back of the loo and then with a well balanced leap myself onto the windowsill.

The Shower (-window)

This is what it looks like from outside ...

Whilst mom is eating, I like to sit squashed up behind mom on the chair. And if she sits there for long, I sometimes fall asleep on the chair behind her too.

On the Chair

Watching TV will make me very sleepy...


My head does not fit on the chair, and it often falls off when I am sleeping on it. Mom sez she feels sorry for me and holds my head up like a nice pillow! I think she is messing with me here!

The Study

Boogie's bed is the good for daytime cuddles. This is me and boogie takin a nap on her bed.

Boogie's Bed

Sometimes late at night, when mom is working, I like to sit on her lap and chat to her.

On Moms lap

Bedtime is playtime. This is my Rogz Doggie that I love playing with before I go to bed. He's been patched up a few times, but he's a tough one. I dont like sleeping without my teddie!

Bed time

I have also been very sick lately and I still get lots of seizures. This is me at the doctor last week.

hmmm... the doctor :(

Im ok now again, but mom has to keep a close eye on me all the time now.

The couch

Thanks for reading my blog!

Lots of love