RIP my baby!
(Feb 2006 - April 2008)

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Thursday 26 November 2009

Thank you to Williams-FoxterrierForum

Thank you to everyone at

for all your kind words and support!

Norman RIP my little angel-doggie



Rocky & Herbert said...

Fine Norman!
You got a place at our Forum.
We'll never forget you!

Rocky and Herbert said...

Hey Norman!
Have a fine Christmas at Rainbow-Country!
We keep you in our mind!

Anonymous said...

Hey Normie....
I hope you had a fine fourth birthday-party at rainbow-country...
See you...sometime...

Anonymous said...

Dear Normie,

we think of you. Hope you are fine up there.

Kaytee & Hummeli

Rocky said...

We just had a look for you, Normie!
You are not forgotten!
Rocky and Herbert

Anonymous said...

Hey Norman,

I think of you. Hope you are fine up there.


Anonymous said...

Normie I cant believe its 2 years ago...As you see I have not forgotten you. Hope you had a wonderfull day up there in rainbow land. Take care! You were so special and brought a smile into everybodys heart.


Anonymous said...

i saw norman eating a apple on youtube!i mean that is so halarious!such a funny dog!always begging!

Anonymous said...

Dear Normie!

Hope you had a wonderful christmas up there. Think J. has a very good time now :-))) You both did a good job there in heaven by sending happyness to J.A.!!!

xxx Kaytee

Clark Thomas said...

i saw norman uptake a apple on youtube!i mean that's therefore halarious!such a funny dog!always begging!Challenge coins