RIP my baby!
(Feb 2006 - April 2008)

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thank you to Williams-FoxterrierForum

Thank you to everyone at

for all your kind words and support!

Norman RIP my little angel-doggie



Rocky & Herbert said...

Fine Norman!
You got a place at our Forum.
We'll never forget you!

Rocky and Herbert said...

Hey Norman!
Have a fine Christmas at Rainbow-Country!
We keep you in our mind!

Anonymous said...

Hey Normie....
I hope you had a fine fourth birthday-party at rainbow-country...
See you...sometime...

Anonymous said...

Dear Normie,

we think of you. Hope you are fine up there.

Kaytee & Hummeli

Rocky said...

We just had a look for you, Normie!
You are not forgotten!
Rocky and Herbert

Anonymous said...

Hey Norman,

I think of you. Hope you are fine up there.


Anonymous said...

Normie I cant believe its 2 years ago...As you see I have not forgotten you. Hope you had a wonderfull day up there in rainbow land. Take care! You were so special and brought a smile into everybodys heart.


Anonymous said...

i saw norman eating a apple on youtube!i mean that is so halarious!such a funny dog!always begging!

Anonymous said...

Dear Normie!

Hope you had a wonderful christmas up there. Think J. has a very good time now :-))) You both did a good job there in heaven by sending happyness to J.A.!!!

xxx Kaytee

Clark Thomas said...

i saw norman uptake a apple on youtube!i mean that's therefore halarious!such a funny dog!always begging!Challenge coins

Sandra said...

Just found your blog.... What a sweet dog he was! Although it was sadly too short, he clearly lived a very full, loved life.

Juanita Aitkenhead said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and kind wishes.

Dear sweet little Normie is having fun on the other side of the rainbow and I often speak of him and will always miss him for as long as I live,

Love, Juanita