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Monday, 30 July 2007

Welcome Back Rambo!

Welcome back Rambo!

Mom went to fetch Rambo at the doggie hospital today... this was his home for the past 2 weeks.

this was his bed... (it was clean, warm and had a nice soft blankie for him to lie on)

This was the very kind lady doctor who cared for Rambo while he was in hospital...

I could not get enough of Rambo when he got home. I love to love! Its my favourite!

this is Mom trying to have a family pic taken of us... we all had a great big problem sitting still for the camera.

Mom sez I look funny when I look up at her...

... and this is my cute look again...

Well, after all the action, I had to make sure Rambo was comfortable in MY Rogz Bed, which I told mom to give to him for a little while... Its ok, he can use it for now, I dont mind.

Sweet dreams Rambo!

Click Here to read the story of Rambo when we first found him.

We are now looking for a willing owner. Please email me if you live in Cape Town and are willing to take on this very loving animal that so dearly now needs a good home. Thank you.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

A Poem of my friend Tell

Hi Tell,

I dont ever do this, but I loved your brothers' poem so much, I want everyone to see it. I hope you dont mind that I copied it onto my blog:

But you can all read more about Tell in his blog here :

Well done to your brother, you both deserve a Noddy Badge from me!
Much Love,

This is Tell...

I'm thrilled (and humbled) that My Boy wrote a poem about me for a school assignment. It's been published in a hard cover book, too! Here it is:

My Dog, Tell
I got a present from my mother.
It was better than a brother.
It's a puppy I call William Tell.
He was the last one the breeder would sell.
He has little black polk-a-dots,
He chases squirrels and barks at rocks.
He is my dog.
I love him lots.
My silly little dog with spots.

He describes me pretty good, too, except for the silly part. Who's silly? Anyway, Mom bought a copy so we can all read it together. I like hearing my name.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Some things about me that only Boogie knows

This is my not so cute look. This is actually the real me, but I dont often let everyone see this part of me, they might think Im a bit too mean now...

I know Im still a baby, because I still love my Rogz Dog...

This is me and Sharky when mom and dad get home. Sweet and innocent (of course!).

The picture below is because of mom calling me for no reason at all.

(The above image can be uploaded as a wallpaper if you like)

Gotta go, got lots more to do before I go to bed.

Much love,
(and Sharky & Boogie)

PS: Rambo is still in the doggie hospital, and we hope he comes home this weekend.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Its cold outside

Hi everyone!

just thought Id pop you all a note to say hello, and let you know that Im not doing much today. Its very cold outside, and I prefer just hanging out inside today.

Im a little bored, but look fwd to my food in about 1 hour from now. Hopefully we will be able to get Rambo back from the doggie hospital tomorrow or saturday too.

Miss you all!
lots of love

Saturday, 14 July 2007

My First Day At The Doggie Parlour

There I was in the car, very excited to be spending another day on mom's lap, driving around and doing our 'thing'. Unbeknown to me, mom was actually on her way to take me to the doggie parlour.

When we got there, there were other doggies there too. They seemed very happy to see me, so I did not really expect much from it.

... untill mom picked me up and put me in the bathie. There I was ... getting all wet again. I really dont get why these humans keep on wetting me.

... after the shampoo, I got a layer of very expensive doggie conditioner (for my very expensive coat).

... once the kind lady finished bathing me, she put a nice warm towel around me and dried me a little. That felt really good.

Then I was combed, and dried with the hair dryer. The kind lady very gently removed all my knots in my coat, and combed me up like a furrball.

Even I got a shock when i had a glimps of myself in the mirror. I thought I'd turned into a poodle or something.

I cant wait to roll around in the nearest dirt again.

There I was, squeecky clean and ready to run and run and run and run and run and run and run...
  • Nice Colours (without having any hair ripped out of my body)
  • Healthy coat (without having any hair ripped out of my body)
  • No knots or clumps (without having any hair ripped out of my body)
  • No Pain! (because no hair was ripped out of my body)
Making use of The Stripping Method was not neccesary at all.

The Groomer:
Sharon Peirce,
4 Naguil Close, D'Urbanvale, Cape Town
021 979 5660

Moms Rating on the above Parlour and my Groomer:
Sharon treated Norman with love and care. Not once did I see him get water / soap in his eyes or ears or nose. She never hurt him once. This was one of the nicest parlours I have seen. I would highly recommend making use of her services. Sharon also does not agree on the cruel method known as Stripping The Wire Fox Terrier.

Read more about the cruelty of Stripping a Wire Fox Terrier here.

Meet Rambo

Last night we met Rambo for the first time. He is still not feeling too well, but mom sez he will be feeling better soon.

Rambo (a 6 month old Boxer cross) was hit by a car and was lying in the middle of the road, so mom and dad stopped to move him out of the way. This was when mom saw he was still alive, so she picked the injured doggie up and they rushed him to the nearest doggie hospital. Unfortunately his front leggie was just too damaged and this had to be amputated. These pictures are of us all investigating and meeting Rambo for the first time.

Boogie sez she thinks Rambo is similar to what her dad looked like... Boogie seems to like Rambo.

Sharkie is not too sure where Rambo's other leg is, but Im sure she will figure it out soon.

We promise to look after Rambo as best as we can.

Mom sez we are just looking after Rambo untill he is stronger, and untill we can find him a good home.


On Sunday 15 July we had to rush Rambo back to the vet, because his wound opened up a little, but a lot of yukkie stuff was coming out. He has been there ever since. He is on strong antibiotics and they have put a drain in for better drainage of the dead tissue. He is doing well and the Vet contacts us every day keeping us updated on his progress.

He is a strong boy and we hope to have him out of the doggie hospital soon.


Rambo is still in the hospital and the vet is still not too comfortable releasing him. There is nothing we can do but wait in anticipation. Please pray for Rambo to get better soon.


Rambo is back home

We are looking for a willing owner. Please email me if you live in Cape Town and are willing to take on this very loving animal that so dearly now needs a good home. Thank you.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Help! Garfield is gone!

On Friday night Sharkie and I woke mom up because we heard these really funny noises outside. When mom opened the back door, all we could see was black smoke and big red hot flames all over the place.

Now our buddie 'Garlie' aka Garfield the fat Persian cat from next door is missing. Mom sez she hopes Garlie just ran away and might come back soon. Mom is putting food down for him now, just in case he is somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Sharkie and I now miss barking at Garlie! ...come back Garlie, your real mom is also looking for you.

we wuv you