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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Rambo has finally found a loving home

Mom and I went to visit Rambo today.

Rambo has found himself a loving home and a new name. His new name is now Pluto. This is Pluto and Courtney having fun in the garden.

The reason for his new name, is because the Patrick family already have a Rambo in the family. They decided that the name Pluto would be the best name for the change that needed to be made.

The K9 family in this home is (from left to right) Pluto, Toby, FireChief (at the far back) and Sam the leader of the pack - lazing herself by the pool.

Toby loves to play with his tennis ball, and has taken on full responsibility for Pluto.

Pluto had to give up his name Rambo because it belongs to the rooster in the penn.

This is Rambo - the rooster.

Courtney's mom (Lisa) is talking to Little Cameo the pony.

Pluto loves his new family and home on a small holding in Houtbay, Cape Town. He also sleeps in Courtney's room (next to her bed) on his own comfortable doggie pillow. This is what I call landing with your bum in the butter !

Unfortunately Pluto and I had a little bit of a scurrle. We measured and compared the size of our teeth, so Mom decided that I would be safer if I waited for her back in the car. Bummer. I was just about to have some fun!

But mom sez she is happy that Pluto is happy. And Im happy that mom is happy that Pluto is happy, and that Pluto's family is also happy with having a new member to their family. So we're all happy all over again.

Lots of fluffy cuddly huggs,

A big thank you to Lisa and Courtney Patrick and their family for giving Pluto a loving home and a second chance in life.

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Koobuss said...

Good luck to Pluto in his new life!!

Koobuss Kisses,

Claire Visser said...

Rambo/Pluto could not have gone to a more beautiful and loving home.
What a lovely family they are.