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Thursday, 05 April 2007

My First Post

Hi everyone,

my name is Norman, but my family say Normie. Personally I think I prefer Norman, it sounds better. "Norman , here Norman!" hmm, yes Im not too sure about this Normie business.

I was born yesterday. My mom and dad took me out of the tummy of this really big monster bird. I came in a small wooden thing, together with my teddie. They said they just loved the way I smelt. They said I smelt like baby powder. So I said, but I am a baby! Anyway, we got into another big monster thing, and moved really fast past many other montster things for a long time. They don't scare me any more, but they did in the beginning. We stopped somewhere and I did my first poop on a grass patch somewhere in a place called Parow. That was really nice of them, cause I was 'dying to go' if you know what I mean.

Soon we were moving fast again, untill we reached what I now know as home. I was exhausted from all the travelling, but they introduced me to my new granny (Boogie a Xsomething) and aunty (Sharky a smooth fox terrier). At first I thougth they were furry monsters too, but they are ok to me now.

After we all had a bite to eat, the lights went out and we all went to bed. I was not used to such a soft bed, but gee I begun to like it real soon after that. Can you believe that I got to cuddle with my mom and dad the whole night.

This is my aunty Sharky when she was my age. I see granny Boogie can take a lot of nonsense from a person. This gives me ideas...

Today: Thursday 5 April

I woke my mom up twice last night to go out, and she was still nice to me this morning. I also met Erika this morning. What a nice lady. Dad took me to this place full of people and lights and stuff. All the people were telling him how cute I am. I know that I am cute, and I love it when people say so. So I just continued to make cute noises and stuff, so that they make more fuss of me. It really worked.
Once we got back home, dad let me play outside a while and video taped me. We went to the beach, but it was so windy, mom said she will take me back to the beach tomorrow when the wind has dropped a bit. I can't wait.

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