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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Rambo has finally found a loving home

Mom and I went to visit Rambo today.

Rambo has found himself a loving home and a new name. His new name is now Pluto. This is Pluto and Courtney having fun in the garden.

The reason for his new name, is because the Patrick family already have a Rambo in the family. They decided that the name Pluto would be the best name for the change that needed to be made.

The K9 family in this home is (from left to right) Pluto, Toby, FireChief (at the far back) and Sam the leader of the pack - lazing herself by the pool.

Toby loves to play with his tennis ball, and has taken on full responsibility for Pluto.

Pluto had to give up his name Rambo because it belongs to the rooster in the penn.

This is Rambo - the rooster.

Courtney's mom (Lisa) is talking to Little Cameo the pony.

Pluto loves his new family and home on a small holding in Houtbay, Cape Town. He also sleeps in Courtney's room (next to her bed) on his own comfortable doggie pillow. This is what I call landing with your bum in the butter !

Unfortunately Pluto and I had a little bit of a scurrle. We measured and compared the size of our teeth, so Mom decided that I would be safer if I waited for her back in the car. Bummer. I was just about to have some fun!

But mom sez she is happy that Pluto is happy. And Im happy that mom is happy that Pluto is happy, and that Pluto's family is also happy with having a new member to their family. So we're all happy all over again.

Lots of fluffy cuddly huggs,

A big thank you to Lisa and Courtney Patrick and their family for giving Pluto a loving home and a second chance in life.

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Stripping a Wire

Message from Norman's Mom:

Herewith an article that I found which is very informative regarding stripping your dog.

I still however disaggree with the facts of WHY they MUST be stripped vs clipped. I still feel that this method has no scientific relevance to the health of the dogs coat, but is purely for aesthetics and the overall image the OWNERS wish to maintain for their wire haired doggies.

Incorrect (private / home) grooming has brought me be so concerned about the (mental and physical) health of the animals. I am also still very concerned about the grooming methods in general that professional show dogs have to endure for the "pleasure" of their owners. If muzzles need to be used, then I question the method. A dog does not bite for nothing, and that is a scientific fact nobody can question.


Stripping: Reveal Your Wirehaired Dog's Show Quality Coat

By: Renae Hamrick, RVT
Source :

Do you have a wirehaired dog, such as a Schnauzer, Airedale, or Cairn Terrier? Do you love his bright wiry coat and want to keep it looking that way? If you have the time and are strongly dedicated to keeping your wirehaired dog's coat well-groomed, then stripping might be for you.

What is Stripping?

Stripping is a grooming process that removes old, faded hairs from your dog's coat, leaving room for new wire hairs to grow. Stripping can be done using only your fingers, or you can use a tool, such as a stripping blade. Stripping may feel odd to your dog the first few times, but it is not painful. If introduced slowly and patiently, many dogs learn to enjoy it.

Stripping vs. Clipping

A wire hair has a hard point, but is soft near the base. Clipping removes that hard end, and the soft, faded portion grows farther out. Stripping removes the entire hair from the follicle, allowing for a new, wiry, brightly colored hair to grow.

Stripping is necessary for wirehaired show dogs to maintain them at breed standard. If you are not concerned about your dog's appearance being specific to his breed, then basic clipping is an easier, less-expensive grooming technique, which is perfectly okay for a wirehaired dog.

If you have been clipping regularly and the coat has become soft, it may be possible to restore the wiry coat with several stripping sessions.

The Groomer

Not every groomer offers stripping. Be sure to call around and inquire before scheduling your dog's stripping appointment. Be specific when asking for a strip cut, because it can also be a term used for close shave cuts!

Expect to pay significantly more for a strip than a basic clip, because stripping is a time-consuming, tedious task.

Can YOU Strip Your Dog's Coat?

Stripping is a challenging grooming technique which is more difficult to perform than it appears. If you are considering trying this grooming process, talk to a professional groomer or your veterinarian for some advice. Your local pet store may offer a book or video on stripping.

You can strip with only your hands, or you may prefer to purchase a stripping knife or comb to help you with this process. Wearing latex gloves or sprinkling ear powder (with rosin) on the hair may help your grip.

Below is a basic explanation of the process.

Hold a few hairs between your thumb and the side of your index finger. If you are using a stripping tool, place the handle in your hand, and grip the hairs between your thumb and the blade.

Using a firm but gentle motion, pull the hairs straight out in the direction they grow. Do not twist your arm or wrist. The hairs should pull out easily. Continue this process over your dog's entire body.

You can strip the whole outer coat in one session, which takes several hours and may leave the dog with mostly undercoat for a couple months. Another option is stripping in sections, or "rolling the coat". Rolling is the process of removing the longest hairs and leaving the rest for a couple weeks, then repeating the process. This allows there to always be a new coat growing.

A Simpler Method

If you prefer clipping as your wirehaired dog's grooming method, but would still like to try to maintain a wiry coat, try stripping a little just before the clip. Follow up by "brushing" your dog with a pumice stone once a week after the clipping. This will remove old hairs and stimulate new wire hair growth.


I disagree to the reasons (wrt to health of the coat) behind the stripping method. Its all hearsay and not facts at all. I believe people are free to have their own opinions. But saying that its healthy, and it must be done is incorrect. I wish not to argue or fight with anyone. I wish to voice my opinion. And in my opinion, muzzling a dog must be for a (painful) reason, and therefor this method is cruel and inconsiderate.

If your dog does not fight the procedure, then that is great. But if he does not like it, then maybe you should consider to stop doing it. Just a thought.

Happy Grooming.
Norman's Mom

Below is a link to the fairly controversial article which I wrote:
Stripping a Wire Fox Terrier is Cruel CLICK HERE to read more about that.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Perfect Spot

Hello all!

U gotta see this.

This is my latest spot where I like to hang out. I found this perfect spot just by chance when I was doing my normal sniffing rounds around the house (while mom was in the shower). This is where I can talk to mom while she is showering or doing her make-up. Now I dont have to sit on the floor looking up at her any more. We can now talk eye to eye.

While I am here, I sometimes also have a quick chat to the funny looking (lonely little) mutt living next door. He's cool.

Getting up here is easy as bones. Well, it goes like this: You jump on the closed toilet seat, (I dont climb up if its open), then you aim for the stern behind the loo, then a quick jump and Im ontop. Getting down is sometimes a bit slippery, but I've 'waxed' it now perfectly.

Try it! Try it, its such fun.

Wirey Hugs,

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Chillin in the sun... my favourite!

Hi everyone,
just a quick note to wish you all warm sunshine, love and peace - which is just what Im doing right now on this lazy sunday afternoon. And Im loving it.

Lots of puppy love

Sunday, 02 September 2007

TeddyBear Time

Today is the best day ever! I have officially been given the big teddy bear to play with. Mom sez Im big enough to play with big toys now.

These are just a few of my toys left over, because I ate all the others. And they tasted really yummie!

Some toys are very special, because they just seem to last for ever. This is my rogz surfing dog.

Oh boy! I hope Sharky understands body language.

See you all again soon.

All my love, cuddles and licks (kisses)