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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Stripping a WFT is Cruel !

A message from Norman's Mom:

As many of you can see (and know) my love for Norman (and all animals in general) is alot. He's growing up now and its getting time for his first trim. I have investigated stripping and I want all WFT owners to understand how strong I feel about NOT STRIPPING him and why.

(the pic below can be enlarged for a wallpaper on your pc or cell phone)

Why do you STRIP your Wire Fox Terrier:
  • because they say so
  • because everyone else does it to their WFT
  • because its healthy
  • because it brings out the colour
  • because thats what you are supposed to do
well, I say all of the above is -to say the least- BS:

  • because they say so: so many people own animals and do with them what the 'breed' guidelines require for them to do. There is absolutely no reason why you have to follow the breed guidelines when it comes to stripping your dog. I say : if the animal is in any way inconvenienced or discomforted, then what THEY SAY is wrong. Its 2007. Those rules were made in the 1800's! Just a thought.
  • because everyone else does it to their WFT: I run another large forum and I can honestly say that so many people just do what others do (follow the lead), regardless whether it is wrong or right. Its very sad that we live in a society where people have stopped to think for themselves, or is it just human ignorance? I say I dont like the Lion Style of the WFT hairdo... I like the scruffy teddy look. Why not start a 'scruffy (clean and tidy ofcourse) teddy' look? After all, the dog will be happier - and I believe they look way more cuter than that rigid Lion Trim the groomers are forcing down on the owners of the breed. Some like it, I grant them that. But those who just follow the lead... how about considering going the soft teddy look? why not?
  • because its healthy: No its not! ofcourse the dogs coat is going to look 'lovely and pink' when they are done ripping out his furr. will your skin not look the same if I do that to you? healthy my ass. I have a smooth fox terrier, and she also has the hard hair that norman has, except that it is straight and there is no fluff. Its the fluff that grows out, not the hard wirey hair. The groomers and the breeders might say so (because those before them said to think so), but there is nothing healthy about pulling out the hair by the roots. Stripping them of the fluff is not healthy. It might show the wirey furr more, but there is no health reason behind this insanely cruel act. It might increase the bloodflow to the skin, but thats about as healthy as you are going to get.
  • because it brings out the colour: nothing brings out no colour. The wirey furr is darker in shades of white, grey, brown and black. The fluff grows over and longer and therefor starts to hide the wirey hairs. Stripping the poor animal of its fluffy furr will show the wirey hairs more, thats all. Who cares anyway what the dogs colour is? Did you order his colours? They are born that way, why not love them for what they have been born into. Why be so insanely mean once every while and rip their furr out?
  • because thats what you are supposed to do: You are not supposed to do anything other than love and care for your animals. You are not supposed to rip out the animals fur from the roots. You can if you want to (because they said so over 200 years ago), but you are not supposed to do it.
Why do I not have to strip my Wire Fox Terrier:
  • he has a soft fluffy furr, and I am going to give him the cute teddy bear look that he has grown up to become
  • he eats healthy and that is how I will keep him HEALTHY. You are what you eat. No stripping of any kind will make his coat more healthy.
  • his colours mean nothing to me. He's my dog and I love him for what and who he is.
  • It is cruel, and probably one of the most cruelest acts of owning a pet - above clipping ears and docking tails - which have now become illigal in South Africa (Im not sure about other countries) and animals who have undergone docking and ear clipping, will be disqualified in breeding competitions.
  • Showdogs are getting to a point where they are starting to look ugly. People stop me all the time in the street and in the malls (today I must have had 5 compliments alone from strangers) to tell me how cute they think my dog is. So the 'scruffy teddy bear' look rules Normie!

I love Normie and he will NEVER be stripped. I hope you too will think about what I have said here and have the balls to join me and oppose the cruel act of stripping the wire fox terrier (because they said so).

My call on the above is the following: Its 2007. Not the 1800's.

Thank you.

PS: Sorry to do this to you litte Fee (one of my favourite WFT's), but ...
...below is a perfect example of what these beautiful creatures have to endure -

(read the article, and you will read how they actually talk about the muzzle and the exhaustion) Is this what all the ranters call normal? and acceptable? see how many anon ranters this post has drawn.

just because the breed says so: (Please add more examples of this to your comments if you find any and agree with me)

Poor little Fee, darn. Look at her! I wish this will stop.

The article published by someone stating they are a vet:
I question the integrity of the article 100%. Please also note the final image comparing the dog 'before' and 'after' a stripping... is not the same dog.

The HISTORY of the WFT:

Also take note of the ORIGIN of the WFT:
the above Black and Tan Terrier (which is the origin of the wirey coat) never needed to be stripped, it was known to be an 'ugly' looking dog, hence grooming was not even considered as part of the upkeep of the animal.

24 June 2007: As you could imagine, so far this post has caused a stir within the WFT communities on the internet. I hope all aspiring future WFT owners will be educated by this post. Please read the comments below for further discussions.

Websites that are referring to this article:


Jackson said...

Hey, I'm clipped not stripped because I don't like being handled, my coat is very soft and I'm a pet not a show dog. I think you might get some interesting comments about this. J x

... said...

I posted this on Yahoo groups, and they deleted my posts!

this was their comments:

Unluckily there are a lot of extremely ignorant people out there on the internet. People with no knowledge of coat management who shout out thr wrong messages that get a lot of people and their pets into serious trouble. And there are some very serious health issues and hence reasons behind why you MUST strip wire coats as opposed to clipping smooth coats of all other breeds..

Not everything has something to do with dog showing which has now got such a bad name that people are increasingly doing everything to distance themselves from the ring.

And the fact that bad groomers strip so hard and pull out huge chunks of hair in one pull thus leaving a very irritated pink skin behind is no reason to stop stripping. Just like the fact that bad hair dressers is no reason for humans not to get their hair cut. You then go and find a competent hair dresser who delivers a good service which you are satisfied with.

Good grooming of humans and animals alike is essential for well being and for health. There are reasons for stripping a wire coat which I have outlined in my article on the link below:

As a vet who spent years specializing in dermatitis I remember the countless number of cases I"cured" simply by making the owner get their dog groomed correctly.

So to the ignorant soul who shouted she would never get her dog stripped- if it was a wire fox terrier she has been very ill advised.

Geraldine Ranken
List moderator

This is my response: which they also deleted

I fully stand by what I have said and will not go back on how i feel about this.

These dogs have not been around since neanderthal times, they have been around since the late 1800's. its not like they have gone from neanderthal to dog... they have been bred from teh Black and Tan Terrier which is a scruffy dog who needed no grooming.

There is no scientific fact that it is a must to strip your dog. Its all opinions.

I am no vet but I have done extensive research on this subject, as much as I did before I got a WFT, and its all hearsay. The primary and secondary hairs of a WFT was not 'removed' by schrubs and bushes before stripping came about. Its utter nonsense.

Grooming is a must, and looking after your pets' coat is very important. But stripping is not a must.

They deleted my posts. Instead of proving to me that I am wrong, they deleted my posts. Can you believe the ignorance that we are forced to live in. Im really mad that they did that, because it proves to me that they have nothing to prove me wrong - just their opinions.

Which is why I have decided to make this fact known.

... said...

They put my posts back on again...


Anonymous said...

You are so off base. I cannot comprehend why you are on this crusade against stripping. Your graphic is highly offensive as are your words to those of us that have stripped for decades and who cannot disagree with you more. Are you looking for attention or what? You can't join a group of wire lovers and begin by lambasting and screaming CRUELTY at them. It's really not cool. Believe what you like, but maybe you should take your unfounded crusade elsewhere.

... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
... said...

You are so off base.FACT? I cannot comprehend why you are on this crusade against stripping.FACT? Your graphic is highly offensive as are your words to those of us that have stripped for decades and who cannot disagree with you more.FACT? Are you looking for attention or what?FACT? You can't join a group of wire lovers and begin by lambasting and screaming CRUELTY at them.FACT? It's really not cool.FACT? Believe what you like, but maybe you should take your unfounded crusade elsewhere.FACT?

None of the above yelling has any substance in it? I seem to get everyone shouting at me, but without any substance. Say something with substance, your opinion will not make me change my mind.

I however also appreciate you telling my my observations are incorrect. I hope and trust someone will convince me that this is incorrect.

Please can you or anyone please tell me where does stripping come from. Who started it and why?

The dogs did not run under bushes and schrubs to rid themselves of their hair - before the humans came along and did it for them.

Nothing makes any sense other than for human entertainment. Please convince me otherwise, and I will change my original post with pleasure.

PLUS: My intentions were NOT to be come a friend of the WFT community. My intention is to document my dogs life and show my love for him and other animals. I am used to being part of a community. I know I am stirring and offending many of Normans friends. For the sake of the animals, I will continue to point out the obvious untill someone proves me wrong - and I dont want just hearsay and opninions, because that just wont do.

Normans Mom xxx

PS: seeking attention is not my intention. Seeking the truth is. If this post has caused a stir and attention, then so be it.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I get clipped too. But I am a bad dog and will not let anybody even brush me let alone strip me! Even when I get clipped I bite.

Stripping takes way too long, the poor groomer wouldn't have any fingers left!

Bussie Kissies

Asta said...

Hi Norman and your MOmmi'
you will always have me as your fwiend..I can tel your Mommi loves you a lot and has your best intewest at heart. I've been stwipped once, and I kindof yawned thru the whole thing, I didn't hurt, but my Mommi says she will think about what your Mommi said, she loves the teddy bear look, and will sewiously consider it..she loves me for me and not what I'm supposed to look like.
smoochie kisses

Carlo said...

I think stripping is cruel - it has no practical purpose for the animals other than to look good for their owners.

Just look at the way that many dogs are bred purely to look good - Alsations have back and hip problems, bull dogs have breathing problems, the list goes on.

I challenge any dog owner to have their hair pulled out (stripped sort of sounds nicer, doesn't it) the next time they need their hair done.

Many vets and even wire fox terrier breeders are totally opposed to stripping, and the notion that your dog must be stripped so that his coat can be kept healthy and infection free is nonsense!

Stripping is cruel, period.

Lenny said...

I say good for you for loving your dog so much! Blogs were made for opinions and discussions.

Lenny gets clipped and has repeatedly been complimented on his coloring. I've been curious about stripping, but not looked into it. Clipping is convenient for us - keeping his hair short has helped his skin allergies, and the bathing process.

I'm kind of sick of getting my eyebrows waxed! :) The things we do for beauty...

Lenny's mom

Anonymous said...

So Carlo agrees with you huh? Funny that if you click on Carlo you get to Norman's blog...bit incestuous I think...

... said...

Hi Anon,
Yes, Carlo is also a writer of this Blog, and he has a right to agree or disagree with me - we even sometimes agree to disagree - its healthy.

As for your yet again opinion based no use comment / information, I still would like to invite you to give me some facts and not just opinions.

I have consulted both Norman's and sharkie's breeders, and they too are totally opposed to this sort of practice. Then I have since consulted a few groomers who have also told me that they totally oppose this practice.

In the mean time we will be waiting for some valuable information from people such as yourself instead of just slagging my facts all the time - which makes you look fairly silly in the process too.

I still stand by that this practice is exceptionally cruel.

Much love and wirey hugs from Normie and his mum

PS: Normie will be going to the groomers soon, and you will get a full review of his first day at the groomers ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your lack of actual facts about grooming/stripping a WFT is truly amazing. I personally strip my WFT, which I LOVE very much, not for the self-centered falicious reasoning you have spat out in your opinion (please, don't call it an article) but because my WFT looks forward to the process and is a better WFT for the care and effort it takes to PROPERLY strip a WFT.

You have no idea how unintelligent you sound in your rants. Please, make more effort next time in quality research before putting out your dribble.


Norman's Mom said...

Im not challenged by your comments. Its however very interesting how ignorant you are to the MANY WFT that suffer extremely due to this.

Your dog might enjoy it, but what about the majority of them that are severely traumatised by this practice? do you care about them?

or are you argueing with me that they too do not get hurt?

its so interesting how personal people take this article, which I will continue to publish as much and ad far and wide as I can.

So that the followers of the world can wake up and see the real issue here.

Ranting yourself, being annon, no facts in your ranting... same old same old.

none of the ranters can actually give me facts to work by, which I have invited them to give me. They just rant that I rant.

Im not here to start a war. Geez!
Some facts from anyone will be welcome. Hearsay and opinions will not be considered.

Normans' Mom

Norman's Mom said...

What's even more interesting is that I loaded this ARTICLE on the 23rd of June, and to date have not had any mature challenge on my questioning the so called facts.

Plus, has anyone actually looked at the links at the bottom of the ARTICLE. Has anyone of you ranters seen the torture (and exhaustion) that dog had to endure from a strip?

Has anyone ever seen a dog so exhausted? So red? So ugly and bare? not only is it wrong to be so cruel, but it looks terrible too.

The worst part is that the owner of the dog thinks its 'cute' and 'funny'

Gimme a break. You're wasting my time. Ive said enough.

Catch a wake up people. Get your facts in order if you want to challenge me, please.

Anonymous said...

Again, why "challenge" your extremely myopic (let me define myopic in this context since it is obvious you do no factual investigation of your own - narrow minded/prejudice/bigoted/intolerant) opinion piece or more of an editorial. Until you can back up what you are RANTING about with first hand experience or reference a more broadbased list of sources, arguing or even trying to have an intellegent debate is pointless.

I am attaching a link of several informative articles for you to digest in an effort to shead some informed light on your "dark" or at least nebulous knowledge.

It gives me much comfort that your dribble on this topic is, for the most part, restricted to this limited audience.

All the best in your quest for knowledge.

Norman's Mom said...

Duh! more ranting of yet more of the reason why I say people are like sheep. (Like you who seems to assume to be their leader) The one who wrote that content also states it with no real source of factual reference.

Continue to tell me how much you dislike ME, and continue to stray from the FACTS. I have the entire internet to my knowledge - just in case you did not know that. Ive read all this. Im still not convinced. Its still all content based on content - based on the way it has been done since the beginning of this breed type.

Remember: The original wires were never treated this way. Its only been since they started competing.

Remember: What about the animals going through servere mental and physical abuse. Have you shown any compassion for this? No, not once.

Not once have you shown any concern to the pain and suffering the animals have to endure. You have only attacked ME.

Somehow you have an issue with me. You are only worried about me and what I have to say. Not once have you shown any concern about the animals.

Continue to attack me. I dont mind. Im getting my message accross - sorry for you.

Think about it. It might be a good experience.

Anonymous said...

I intended to make a final post and quote some sources (which I have already done with links in previous post), but it is sadly apparent that I would waste my efforts on you. Like many individuals that form opinions on limited or faulty information (without first-hand knowledge or researching reliable sources i.e. NOT WIKIPEDIA LOL), you cannot have a debate because the opinion you hold is a "feeling" not an informed judgment.

btw- not that you are owed this, but your personal attack with the statement, "Remember: What about the animals going through servere mental and physical abuse. Have you shown any compassion for this? No, not once." requires one response.

Do not speak to that which you DO NOT KNOW.

I am very concerned for my WFT and all WFT/dogs. Having observed and received proper instruction on how to "strip" a WFT I, unlike you, know what I am talking about.

TELL YOUR audience ANY SINGLE time you have ACTUALLY BEEN PRESENT when a WFT or other "hard-coated" dog was "stripped".
...deafening silence follows.......

It concerns me that by espousing your ill informed opinion in such a public manner, prospective WFT owners will misperceive what truly taking care of a WFT in the proper manner involves.


There is one thing that does make my heart sing on your profile,

".... I'm Female and Taken“ thank God only one man has to endure this!!!!!!

Norman's Mom said...

Oh, puhleeezzzz, your status is of zero relevance to any of us.

What does "you being taken" have anything to do with the dogs? Reminder: this is not a friggin dating / find-a-friend blog. u missing the boat here hun.

I trust you also missed the picture in this ARTICLE, where the WFT little FEE is totally collapsed of exhaustion over the chair...? after being muzzled and stripped for 3 hours! You are so right, for once I agree with you. It looks like the dog had a .....deafening moment of silence....... there too

or maybe it was your dog? hmmm


After all this, I would like thank GOD too and say THANK YOU TO GOD for people like you and for your ever increasing priceless contributions. I never imagined I would have been able to make my point so well.


Iva said...

Anon.. people like you should be put through the same process as your poor dogs and then talk. If you are so proud of what you do to your dog why don't you put your name behind your comments, instead of hiding ???.. People like you are a joke and should not be allowed to own pets....

Anonymous said...

ohhh, IVA I am happy to pick up any gauntlet you want to throw down. However, your comment is more of a fluffy pink mitten! lol

I tried to discuss w/ N's mom, but sadly could not get a response to any factual information I presented, typical. Just like N's mom, you want to present an emotional statement without ANY foundation in knowledge. I love ppl like you, snap judgements on feelings and little or no real information.

Have a nice day.

Iva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

There are really good reason's for stripping a dog and if done correctly and from an early age it will never hurt them. Only the dead hairs are pulled and they just slide out. (Try this with the hair of a stripped terrier). My WFT loves to have her back done, it's like a massage to her! No table, no muzzle nothing, she just sits down with her back to me hoping I will do it.

My groomer welcomes people to sit and watch the process, see how it's done and even learn to do it themselves if they choose. I stay with my dog a few times a year (for the past eight years) and I've never seen a dog (mine or others) cry or bite while being stripped, nor have I seen a dog with pink skin after the fact, in fact all the dogs leave with a nice thick layer of hair.

Certainly there are going to be people out there that don't know how to strip a dog because they have not been trained to do it. The images you showed are a good example. As a result they hurt their dog by pulling hair that is not ready to come out (they should never be pulled bald!). This is a totally different issue this is ignorance and cruelty.

Stripping mimics the natural removal of the hair that would have happened when they were let loose in the brambles in England. The brambles pulled the dead hair and undercoat and kept the hair and skin healthy. So unless you have a yard of brambles stripping is as close as you're going to get.

I've seen your argument claiming this is not true. Ok so how did they loose their hair? They weren't clippered or stripped and it didn't grow forever... did it just fall out? No. These dogs weren't kept in cages or "yards" in the 1800's they were let loose to hunt vermin and small animals or force the fox from the ground. It was a different time then when dogs were allowed to run free, no they didn't look like show dogs but they did have healthy skin and hair. Certainly their hair didn't just grow forever! This is pretty common knowledge that doesn't really need references but if necessary order the AKC book on Wire Fox Terriers or any other book on the breed.

Search on-line for fox terriers with skin problems and you will find most, if not all of these dogs are clippered. Cutting off the hair leaves dead hair in the follicles which causes irritation and the build up of oils. The soft undercoat also takes over overheating the dog in warm weather which results in rashes and itchy skin.

It's not all about having good color and the look of a show dog, it's about keeping your dog healthy and sane. A dog that scratches and chews it's self all the time is not a happy dog.

Certainly if you don't research, don't learn the techniques and don't understand the coat of your dog you are going to hurt them and that is a terrible thing. But if you are a responsible pet owner and look after your pet according to your breeds needs they will have a happier and healthier life.

It's a personal choice, if you can live with the possibility of an unhappy dog that scratches and chews till the hair is gone and the skin is red and scabbed that's your choice but you have to question who's really being cruel?

Best of luck with your witch hunt, I hope not to many people get sucked into your skewed way of thinking for the health of their dogs.

Norman's Mom said...

ah no! not ANOTHER BORING ANON writer... do you people not have the guts to say who you are.

and, hey, please stop telling me and all the other readers the load of hog that every other stripper has told you, and that is:

"This is mimicking the natural way that they used to shed their hair by running under bushes and scrubs to get rid of excess hair"

Come on people. either read the article and then comment. gee, Im so over the ignorance of those reading the headlines and foolishly repeating what most have already spoke about.

Give me a challenge to think about instead of your own personal opinions. Im arguing about facts here not opinions.

Plus: can ANYONE please justify the pain and suffering of the dog FEE which is spoken about in this article - prior to telling me this article is nonsense.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ah... more crap...hahahaha! I understand why the sane minded people walk away after their second post and I will do the same, all the more reason not to bother getting a username. This truly isn't an intelligent discussion this is just one person going on about something they know nothing about and not listening to the people who have actually been there and done it with experiences to back it up.

What happened to Fee is just plain ignorance. That is not what a stripped dog looks like when they are done properly. You never remove all the hair, that would certainly hurt the dog because you're removing hair that is not dead and not ready to pull out. When it's ready to come out you can pull it with your fingers and it just slides out. There is no justification for the way that dog was groomed.

I assume you have your dog's nails clipped. Do you think that is cruel and bad for there health? Not if it's done correctly... but when done wrong it hurts and they bleed. Stripping hurts when done wrong but when done correctly it's very good for their hair and skin.

I have read your so called "article" that lacks any facts at all. Lots of opinions though! Have you ever pulled a bit of hair on WFT that is stripped regularly and is ready to for grooming? I don't think you have. If you had you would know that the hair is dead and it comes out with NO effort and NO pain. When the hair dies the color fades. When my dog is ready to be stripped and I pull a black hair there is an inch or so of black followed by 1/2" of white (dead hair). When she runs around the yard I find hair in our juniper bushes... ok it's not bramble but it's a prickly bush and it sure accomplishes something similar to what all the books suggest. So not only have I read the facts I've seen the evidence.

If you like your dog fluffy and he doesn't have skin problems that's fine do it your way. I personally don't care what color my dog is and she doesn't look like a show dog (we don't strip her head due to time and cost) but I don't want her to be miserable with skin irritations either so we have her stripped. I personally know two other WFT that are clippered and both suffer horribly from itchiness to the point of biting their skin raw. So don't condone people for doing the research and stripping in a correct and caring manner. I welcome you to see my dog being groomed anytime and see how unfazed she is by the process.

No need to reply I don't plan to visit again... it's obviously pointless I'm just hoping to save a WFT or two from your opinions.

Jan said...


I have my 6th and 7th rescued WFTs, Jock and Charlie (dog and bitch) and I have had both stripped and clipped dogs. I only show the dogs as 'rescued' in fun shows and I totally agree with you. Stripping makes them sore and exhausted, I think the teddy bear look is great and my Jocky dog looks great when he is clipped. I have no problem with what other people do, it is up to them, if they want to show and can only do so stripped, then we have to accept that as their own personal decision. I admire you for speaking out on behalf of the pet dogs, they are not fashion accessories they are FAMILY!! Love the website, it's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

wire fox terriers arn't suppose to be "soft and fluffy" their coat is meant to be harsh and wirey and the only way to preserve that is by handstriping. i am a groomer and personally strip my WFT he does not mind one bit. because it's wire hair the hair shaft is different from other dog breeds hair. wire fur "plucks" out, it does not "rip" out. i don't know where you got your information from but it is totally incorrect. if you just pull slightly on the hair of your WFT it should easily come out. this is not painful to them.

Blog Editor said...

Thanks for the comment, appreciate it.

I have written another article on why you do not have to strip your wft.

Hope it goes down better than this one. I think I was a bit too emotional and shocked when I wrote this article. I have decided to write the same article with a little more information and tact.

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Gillian said...

You very definitly have not researched your subject because you would have gone to someone who does strip dogs and found out from first hand experience that it is not cruel or painful. By the way Geraldine Ranken doesn't claim to be a vet she is one. I would have thought you would have put your energy into trying to stop the people who are breeding wires that are carriers of epilepsy in SA and not focusing on a subject you very definitly no nothing about. I have 11 wires and the older ones are clipped and the younger ones stripped. I hate the look of the clipped ones but I don't have the time to keep 4 dogs in show coat and strip all 11 most of who are retired.

Gillian said...

You want facts. I am in SA so we are talking same climate. I haave an olsd dog that I used to strip for the show ring and when he retired I started clipping him and he was always in the pool. He had the lamb look that you all seem to love and I just happened to slid my fingers into his coatnext to the skin and the heat on his skin was immense and then I realised why all my clipped dogs swim all day in summer. So now they all get clipped really short summer and winter and get a jacket in winter as I am in Gauteng. And to Carlo comment about having our hair pulled out. When you find hair in your brush do you feel it coming out. Same thing dead hair!

Juanita said...

Hi Gillian, thanks for commenting. Im tired of people arguing about this subject to me. Im tired of trying to tell the whole world - including the selfcentred YOU - about the dog that was tortured due to being stripped wrong.

Get over it. Stripping is cruel if done incorrectly. Fact. Dogs DO NOT HAVE TO BE STRIPPED. its a human need brought in to make the dogs look like the way the humans want them to look.

I will never strip my doggie.

... and read the posts. stop reading only what you want to read. read the whole story, then make your selfish comments!!!

So, until someone acknowledges the cruelty that other dog in fact endured while being "STRIPPED"... until then, I will not stop saying its cruel.

Gillian said...

Taking your fluffy maltese to the grooming parlour to get razor burns is also cruel, but it does not make the process of clippering a maltese cruel. You can call me what you like but I will not sit back while you ridicule a very good article by Geraldine Ranken, who by the way has never done anything but good for wires, with your inane and frankly silly comments on a subject you know nothing about and have no first hand knowledge, misinforming the uninformed just so you can stand on your "soap box" in Cape Town and be RIGHT. The breeder of Norman I am sure never told you to strip him as he doesn't know anything really about wires and less about grooming. I have never in all my years in SA ever told anyone they had to strip because I know there are very few people who know how to do it.

Juanita said...

this is not a personal attack on anyone, but i like your passion.

if there is only 1 thing that has come from this post then it is the following:

I hope that the next time someone goes to have their dog GROOMED, they will think twice about it and make sure that the dog is not being groomed incorrectly and that it is not in any pain when its had its groom.

the other message that I would like to have made clear is that GROOMING your wire by means of stripping it, is not compulsory like some groomers will state.

finally: this is my blog and I can say what I want. I like the pedestal that its on, and if you dont like it, then thats your problem. This blog was created to document Norman's life and is now there for other wire fox terrier owners to read about... and make up their own minds. People should think for themselves and not take everything they read on the internet as 'cast in stone'.

Happy Stripping! but beware... the Big Brother is watching you! any complaints about any doggie being hurt by stripping will be reported to me and I will smear that groomer on my blog into the ground for hurting any fluffy furry smelly doggie out there ...

(im not too fond of people who make and income from selling or grooming animals... especially when the bottom line starts to matter more that the reason why they started doing it.)

lots of love,
Normans Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello all I'm a groomer and have raised WFT and Scotties for the last 20 years. this is to the people who think hand striping is cruel. You are very wrong I've just learned how to hand strip my WFT terrier I learned how to hand strip from a groomer with 45 years of knowlodege My WFT felt a little uncofortable at first but the same goes for cliping what Norman's mom problem is that she started off way late on both hand striping and clipering I started my Scottie off at 8 weeks of age she went on to be a clippered demo dog that helped train other groomers. she also is carded after be clipped witch is a form of hand stripping. Let me tell you something norman's mom I've been grooming since I was 10 years old and if you seen the nightmares I've seen terriers go through because they are not hand stripped fox tails that can borrow into the skin and cause infection, skin problems and sabuations glands that can develop. I compaired a clippered coat with a hand stripped coat once the clippered coat dog had skin problem and also was knicked by the clipper the stripped dog had health skin and enjoyed the stipping and was sleeping on the table during the process. I tell you one think anybody can hurt a dog either by clipping or hand stripping so if you find a groomer that can to both correctly then no harm will come to the dog. one more thing I don't appreacate people like you accusing people like me on abusing my dog because I hand strip him. he is my son and I would do nothing to hurt him. he enjoys the hand stripping and get very excited everytime I go to work

Hello! I'm Juanita. said...

Thanks again Anon for commenting. (Normie is not alive any more) But be that as it may... Weird how nobody from those 'opposed to my post' have never showed ANY remorse for the poor dog which I made an example of.

Again, I shall say it: happy clipping and stripping to all out there. My mission is accomplished: stripping is cruel if you do it like the people did it to that poor dog in the beginning of this post.

Shelly A said...

Stripping is Cruel, just sit yourselves down and let someone pull hair out of your head, or better yet have your legs and bikini are done the same way, The dogs have 2 kind of hair the long and the short they are BOTH supposed to be there! It is peoples twisted ideas on aesthetics that makes them do this cruel thing to their dogs. Your dog should have an occasional bath (depending on how dirty they get themselves, and be "brushed" or "Groomed with a brush" a couple of times a week. That's it! ripping out an entire layer of their coat is just beyond cruel and inhumane. PERIOD. I will NEVER stripp my Wolfhound. He is supposed to look the way he does, he get exercise, good food love and proper grooming , but he will never be subjected to this 'FASHION TREND" that causes harm. Ask any vet ANY VET and they will tell you that stripping is not required, and not doing it will not cause health issues, I will believe a VET long before I believe a yahoo who is hurting their dog for aesthetics! It's almost as bad a hacking off a tail or ears... these heinous acts are called Docking and cropping for the cruel minded. Most breeders are not in the BUSINESS for the health of the dog they are in it for the money and prestige from other breeders. That is why they intentionally breed mothers and sons and fathers and daughters together to supposedly get the correct traits... If you go to Crufts dog show in the UK you do not see actual "Best in Breed" you see a parade of genetically doomed freaks .. most German Shepherds there cannot walk properly because of the mind set of what the proper stance of the dog should be. it has been corrupted by idiots who think they know more than geneticists! Docking BAD, Cropping BAD, STRIPPING BAD! I am happy that some Provinces here and other countries around the world are now legally recognizing dogs and cats as sentient beings, with feelings, soon it will be illegal to carry out these barbaric practices. Want to denude something shave yourself down, better yet get waxed REPEATEDLY, but leave your dogs coat alone!

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