RIP my baby!
(Feb 2006 - April 2008)

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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Model Doggie

Hi everyone,

I have been chosen to model in a photo-shoot, and they asked this very pretty kind lady to be an added prop. She seemed very keen.

Pictures by: Carlo van Wyk
Hope you like these pics.

Lots of puppy love

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Norman does Doggie Training Video

Hi there,

Im still busy practicing my tricks, but generally I will do anything for a good snack.

Much love,

Monday, 07 January 2008

My First Road Trip: West Coast of Southern Africa

Hello everyone!

Compliments of the season. Hope you got lots of love and hugs and cuddles the festive season, and hope your family did not leave you alone at home when they went on holiday.

Mom sez a holiday without Boogie and I is not a holiday for her. I totally agreed with her.

Here are some pictures of me and Boogie on holiday all over the place...

This is me just outside Saldanha Bay...

This is us in a little town called Dwarskersbos where we stayed over for our first night.

The beach here at Dwarskersbos was the best beach ever!

Then we continued to travel further up north and stayed over for 2 more sleeps in a place called Elandsbay. This beach was the best ever too!

Boogie and I spent much of our time playing and guarding.

I found my favourite toy, a tennis ball in the flowers - what a bonus!

This dude in the boat gave mom some funny looking creepy red things which was for supper. I never got to taste them though... they looked way too scary!

We did many day trips to the surrounding areas and found some interesting places.

We came across this place called Muisbosskerm.

I could smell lots of good smells, but I did not find much here.

I love chasing seagulls, its my favourite!

I also saw lots of very strange looking things, especially this one!

Our next stop over was a place called Paternoster.

This is where I met a friend called Buddie. We played in the water for over an hour. He looked a little like me. I think thats why I liked him so much.

This is me having a look at Tieties Bay.

Boogie and I loved playing together on the beach too. I of course had to lead the way most of the time, because Boogie was not always sure where she wanted to go.

I had the best holiday ever! Thanks Mom.

Im glad to be home. My bed (eh and Moms bed) is always the best bed!

Lots of puppy luv,