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Saturday, 28 July 2007

A Poem of my friend Tell

Hi Tell,

I dont ever do this, but I loved your brothers' poem so much, I want everyone to see it. I hope you dont mind that I copied it onto my blog:

But you can all read more about Tell in his blog here :

Well done to your brother, you both deserve a Noddy Badge from me!
Much Love,

This is Tell...

I'm thrilled (and humbled) that My Boy wrote a poem about me for a school assignment. It's been published in a hard cover book, too! Here it is:

My Dog, Tell
I got a present from my mother.
It was better than a brother.
It's a puppy I call William Tell.
He was the last one the breeder would sell.
He has little black polk-a-dots,
He chases squirrels and barks at rocks.
He is my dog.
I love him lots.
My silly little dog with spots.

He describes me pretty good, too, except for the silly part. Who's silly? Anyway, Mom bought a copy so we can all read it together. I like hearing my name.


Jackson said...

I love the poem! J x

William Tell said...

Ah, thank you very much! I'm glad you like the poem and I'm happy to share.

Every terrier should have their own boy. They're the most fun!

William Tell