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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Stripping a WFT is Cruel !

A message from Norman's Mom:

As many of you can see (and know) my love for Norman (and all animals in general) is alot. He's growing up now and its getting time for his first trim. I have investigated stripping and I want all WFT owners to understand how strong I feel about NOT STRIPPING him and why.

(the pic below can be enlarged for a wallpaper on your pc or cell phone)

Why do you STRIP your Wire Fox Terrier:
  • because they say so
  • because everyone else does it to their WFT
  • because its healthy
  • because it brings out the colour
  • because thats what you are supposed to do
well, I say all of the above is -to say the least- BS:

  • because they say so: so many people own animals and do with them what the 'breed' guidelines require for them to do. There is absolutely no reason why you have to follow the breed guidelines when it comes to stripping your dog. I say : if the animal is in any way inconvenienced or discomforted, then what THEY SAY is wrong. Its 2007. Those rules were made in the 1800's! Just a thought.
  • because everyone else does it to their WFT: I run another large forum and I can honestly say that so many people just do what others do (follow the lead), regardless whether it is wrong or right. Its very sad that we live in a society where people have stopped to think for themselves, or is it just human ignorance? I say I dont like the Lion Style of the WFT hairdo... I like the scruffy teddy look. Why not start a 'scruffy (clean and tidy ofcourse) teddy' look? After all, the dog will be happier - and I believe they look way more cuter than that rigid Lion Trim the groomers are forcing down on the owners of the breed. Some like it, I grant them that. But those who just follow the lead... how about considering going the soft teddy look? why not?
  • because its healthy: No its not! ofcourse the dogs coat is going to look 'lovely and pink' when they are done ripping out his furr. will your skin not look the same if I do that to you? healthy my ass. I have a smooth fox terrier, and she also has the hard hair that norman has, except that it is straight and there is no fluff. Its the fluff that grows out, not the hard wirey hair. The groomers and the breeders might say so (because those before them said to think so), but there is nothing healthy about pulling out the hair by the roots. Stripping them of the fluff is not healthy. It might show the wirey furr more, but there is no health reason behind this insanely cruel act. It might increase the bloodflow to the skin, but thats about as healthy as you are going to get.
  • because it brings out the colour: nothing brings out no colour. The wirey furr is darker in shades of white, grey, brown and black. The fluff grows over and longer and therefor starts to hide the wirey hairs. Stripping the poor animal of its fluffy furr will show the wirey hairs more, thats all. Who cares anyway what the dogs colour is? Did you order his colours? They are born that way, why not love them for what they have been born into. Why be so insanely mean once every while and rip their furr out?
  • because thats what you are supposed to do: You are not supposed to do anything other than love and care for your animals. You are not supposed to rip out the animals fur from the roots. You can if you want to (because they said so over 200 years ago), but you are not supposed to do it.
Why do I not have to strip my Wire Fox Terrier:
  • he has a soft fluffy furr, and I am going to give him the cute teddy bear look that he has grown up to become
  • he eats healthy and that is how I will keep him HEALTHY. You are what you eat. No stripping of any kind will make his coat more healthy.
  • his colours mean nothing to me. He's my dog and I love him for what and who he is.
  • It is cruel, and probably one of the most cruelest acts of owning a pet - above clipping ears and docking tails - which have now become illigal in South Africa (Im not sure about other countries) and animals who have undergone docking and ear clipping, will be disqualified in breeding competitions.
  • Showdogs are getting to a point where they are starting to look ugly. People stop me all the time in the street and in the malls (today I must have had 5 compliments alone from strangers) to tell me how cute they think my dog is. So the 'scruffy teddy bear' look rules Normie!

I love Normie and he will NEVER be stripped. I hope you too will think about what I have said here and have the balls to join me and oppose the cruel act of stripping the wire fox terrier (because they said so).

My call on the above is the following: Its 2007. Not the 1800's.

Thank you.

PS: Sorry to do this to you litte Fee (one of my favourite WFT's), but ...
...below is a perfect example of what these beautiful creatures have to endure -

(read the article, and you will read how they actually talk about the muzzle and the exhaustion) Is this what all the ranters call normal? and acceptable? see how many anon ranters this post has drawn.

just because the breed says so: (Please add more examples of this to your comments if you find any and agree with me)

Poor little Fee, darn. Look at her! I wish this will stop.

The article published by someone stating they are a vet:
I question the integrity of the article 100%. Please also note the final image comparing the dog 'before' and 'after' a stripping... is not the same dog.

The HISTORY of the WFT:

Also take note of the ORIGIN of the WFT:
the above Black and Tan Terrier (which is the origin of the wirey coat) never needed to be stripped, it was known to be an 'ugly' looking dog, hence grooming was not even considered as part of the upkeep of the animal.

24 June 2007: As you could imagine, so far this post has caused a stir within the WFT communities on the internet. I hope all aspiring future WFT owners will be educated by this post. Please read the comments below for further discussions.

Websites that are referring to this article:

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Norman & Sharkie havin' a digg

Norman: eh, hellow everyone! come and see what I found!

Norman: hey Sharkie, come see this...!

Sharky: ok Normie. What did u find?

Norman: I dunno. Look there. Im not sure what it is, maybe your genius nose can help me

Sharky: Oh Normie, this is easy as pie. its what you call a mousie hole. they are these tiny little furry creatures that you are supposed to chase and catch, like ya grandma and grandpa did... before we were born

Norman: oh wow! thanks Shark'. I thought you might know. Im sure there must be more in here, I can smell something... lets digg a little further.

Norman: I love this place, it has so many holes all over!

Sharky: Yeah, me too!

Saturday, 09 June 2007

Wallpaper: Norman relaxing

Picture compliments of carlo

much love

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Daily Activities of Norman

This is more or less the order of my day...

8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing!
9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing!
9:40 am - A walk on the beach! My favorite thing!
10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing!
1:00 pm - Played in the yard, dug some holes! My favorite thing!
3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
5:00 pm - Milk bones! My favorite thing!
7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!

Sunday, 03 June 2007

Window Doggie

I got the hang of "the art of standing on the windowsill" like Sharky. Being a puppy, its not easy to always keep my balance yet, but I am sortof getting it right

Tummy Tagged

One of my other WFT buddies tagged me for a tummy tag. So I asked mom to please take a picture of my very gorgeous tummy for you all!

Hungry Doggie

This is me when I am hungry. I sit on moms foot while she is preparing my food. It helps keep mom focussed.

I have these soft floppy ears that flop all over the place and when I look up my ears flop backwards.

Saturday, 02 June 2007

Wallpaper : Norman 3

Please click on the image and save as a desktop item if you like it :-)

Picture taken by Carlo

Much love,

Friday, 01 June 2007

Shock Horror!!! I lost my first tooth today!

Pardon the shocking graphics, but this was the only way I could show the world that I am now really growing up. I lost my first baby tooth today. Mom said the tooth fairy will be bringing me something nice in exhange for my tooth tomorrow.

I cant wait to look under my pillow when I wake up tomorrow morning! Im going to be a big boy soon and can't wait.

Wallpaper: Norman Chillin

Here is another picture of me chillin' out in the sun with Dad's socks.

You can click on the picture and save it as a desktop if you like...