RIP my baby!
(Feb 2006 - April 2008)

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Just a Dog?

My friend Charmaine from Pets as Therapy sent me a beautiful note about Just a Dog. I loved it so much, I created this little slide show about it for Norman. Thanks Charmaine for the awesome note, it really meant a lot to me.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pictures of Norman's Grave

To my dearest little Normie,

my sweetie, may you rest here in peace, away from all mommy's stresses in her life and all your horrible shakes. I know you are my little angel looking after me from your special spot in doggie heaven.

I miss you more than you will ever believe. I will be getting another Norman Doggie one day again - just to keep my memories of you alive. You meant everything to me and nobody will ever understand how sad I will always be about loosing you.

I love you forever my little darling. I visit your little grave by the ocean all the time and promise to look after it really well.

Thank you ever so much Kaytee for sending me the most beautiful little Tin-Tin and Snowy soft toy and heart shaped stone. I placed the stone in Normie's grave as promised and took a picture for you with the little doggie by his grave.

The pic below is Kaytee a long time ago.

I will always treasure the memories of Norman. He was taken away from us way too soon.
I will keep this blog, and promise to keep you updated for when I one day have the strength get Norman the II.

Thank you to everyone for reading Normie's blog and always being so kind and supportive to us.