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(Feb 2006 - April 2008)

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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Doggie Outpost

Us fox terriers are very nozy pooches and we absolutely luuuuuurve to stare out the window. Its getting cold and rainy here now, so being able to play outside is not always an option any more. Our bed has now moved to right next to the window. This is where we can have a good look at Garfield the pursian cat next door, and possibly any other exciting furry creatures that happen to pass by our window.

Woof woof... how awesome!

Friday, 27 April 2007

I met a Doggie Celebrity - uncle Paul

Last night mom and dad had to attend an End Of Summer Kiteboarding Dinner, and there was no time to find a baby sitter. Mom said it was a pretty informal dinner, so she decided to take me along, and let me sleep on the chair next to her.

This is me sleeping in moms arms, with dad, alex and lorna. I spent most of the evening sleeping in moms arms or on the chair next to her. Everyone loved me and I naturally got so much attention.

Then just as we are about to leave, I met uncle Paul. He is one of the owners of my favourite brand Rogz! Can you believe it? I could not believe how lucky I was to meet such a famous man. He even said I was very handsome young man too. What a nice uncle indeed. I hope to run into him again soon.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Bed Time

Dog beds have taken all kinds of shapes lately.

  • You get a dog dog bed. Which is a normal, anywhere u get comfortable kinda sleeping place. generally this is on the floor and outside the human living areas.
  • Then you get a dog bed for humans... uh, actually lets rather not go there for now!
  • ... and a human dog bed for dogs. This is what Boogie has. I hope the universe will provide this kind of bed to me someday too.
  • You also get a dog bed for dogs, I would say a Rogz Pod is about as close to the perfect bed as you will get.
For me bedtime is just about any time (and any place). Thats because Im still a baby and mom is getting a bed for me as soon as I am big enough to have my own beddie.

Its getting a bit chilly this side of the world lately, so we need a little extra cover. Sharky also likes to sleep where it suits her, this Rogz for Dogz bed is actually supposed to be mine (also known as a Rogz Pod), but she's taken it over for now. Thats ok with me, I really dont mind for now, she is older than me, and her teeth are still bigger than mine. I will let her have it. Its her right to have what she wants in our doggie world.

Boogie has it all. She's the oldest and her teeth are way bigger than mine or Sharkies, so she gets the best bed. It comes with 2 soft pillows, a soft mattress and a warm duvet. She may have any of my teddies to sleep with, I dont mind that either. She does not like it if I walk over her while she is sleeping, so Ive decided to stay clear from her when her eyes are closed.

My First Day Shopping with Dad

Aparantly us furry creatures are not allowed in shopping malls, so dad decided to disguise me a little under a green sweater.

I sure did not mind being pushed around all over the place, and loved the ride so much, I ended up sleeping most of the way.

Some of the people had a sneak peak at me, others oogled about me every now and again, but otherwise, it was a pretty chilled day to be out with dad.

Another Day At The Beach

Things seemed to be going a lot smoother on the beach today. Sunny warm skies, no wind... still loads of sand every where (as you may notice on my snout), but way more fun than the last time.

This is mom protecting me from Boogie and Sharkie (every now and again...)

Sharkie often tried to chase me, but I was way fast enough to out-run her. Just watch my new moves, well thought through.

You gotta watch and see how I managed to out-manouvre her! at first I pretend to go right, then I do a swerve to the left, do a slight dive down, and I'm home free...

... uh, untill we decided to get busy again. I dont know why, but I sure luuuurve digging holes. This hole was just perfect for us all to play in.

Sharkie has this thing with rocks. I still want to figure out why she loves them so much.

I would love to be as fit and happy as Sharkie one day. Boogie is a bit old by now, but Sharkie loves the beach. It just one adventure to the next for her.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

My First Day At The Office

Mom decided it would be good to take me with her to the office today, as all she had to do was work and do some office stuff.

It was pretty exciting, meeting all the nice people. They all loved me ofcourse. There was so much to do in Moms office I just got to tell you all about it!

At first, soon after we arrived, I took my much needed morning nap. Moms lap kinda seemed like the best place at first.

After the nap, I decided to take a walk around and get to know the place a little better. These cables tasted really nice! note the smile in my bite.

The legs of the table seemed rather tasty too.

I begged mom for another session on her lap, but she was not too keen, and showed me where my bed for the day actually was

After mom bought me a hambuger patty for breakfast, I naturally needed another nap.

I had this chewy thing I brought from home, and enjoyed it on the couch in the office.

Oops! this was a little mistake. Sorry mom!

I took another stroll through moms open cupboard and found this very tasty calendar.

Then moms chair also seemed very attractive and I can tell you, not as tasty as breakfast though.

I could not resist the knowing the unknown. I just had to investigate the treasure chest! I found many tasty things in there too!

After all this action, I needed a cuddle again. Mom would not let me lie on her lap, so her feet had to do for now.

What a great day! I look forward coming back here again soon.

Sunday, 08 April 2007

My First Day at the Beach: Sunset Beach, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA

I could not understand why Sharkie and Boogie were so excited. We got out of Dads car and Mom carried me to this place where there was sand everywhere. My nose, my mouth, my body, everywhere! This place, the sand does not end... yuk!

Mom told me this was the beach and it is a place we will be visiting alot more in the future. Sharkie and Boogie were running around all over the place. They said it was gonna be fun. It was not only sandy, but wet too! my soft furr was getting wet - oh no! this must be a mistake. Im not too sure if I want to come back here again.

Aaaahhh noooooo, this water is making me feel so dizzy. I feel wheezy, I have no balance. Whats happening to the earth below my very balanced little body? First it was all the wind, and then all that sand, and now? ...All this water stuff, and it does not even taste nice!

Sharky was all over the place. Just watching her made me wheezy too.

The beach. Whats all the fuss about?

Friday, 06 April 2007

Some pictures

Dad took some pictures of me while I had my afternoon nap.

Thursday, 05 April 2007


My Dad made a cool video of me and my family.

My First Post

Hi everyone,

my name is Norman, but my family say Normie. Personally I think I prefer Norman, it sounds better. "Norman , here Norman!" hmm, yes Im not too sure about this Normie business.

I was born yesterday. My mom and dad took me out of the tummy of this really big monster bird. I came in a small wooden thing, together with my teddie. They said they just loved the way I smelt. They said I smelt like baby powder. So I said, but I am a baby! Anyway, we got into another big monster thing, and moved really fast past many other montster things for a long time. They don't scare me any more, but they did in the beginning. We stopped somewhere and I did my first poop on a grass patch somewhere in a place called Parow. That was really nice of them, cause I was 'dying to go' if you know what I mean.

Soon we were moving fast again, untill we reached what I now know as home. I was exhausted from all the travelling, but they introduced me to my new granny (Boogie a Xsomething) and aunty (Sharky a smooth fox terrier). At first I thougth they were furry monsters too, but they are ok to me now.

After we all had a bite to eat, the lights went out and we all went to bed. I was not used to such a soft bed, but gee I begun to like it real soon after that. Can you believe that I got to cuddle with my mom and dad the whole night.

This is my aunty Sharky when she was my age. I see granny Boogie can take a lot of nonsense from a person. This gives me ideas...

Today: Thursday 5 April

I woke my mom up twice last night to go out, and she was still nice to me this morning. I also met Erika this morning. What a nice lady. Dad took me to this place full of people and lights and stuff. All the people were telling him how cute I am. I know that I am cute, and I love it when people say so. So I just continued to make cute noises and stuff, so that they make more fuss of me. It really worked.
Once we got back home, dad let me play outside a while and video taped me. We went to the beach, but it was so windy, mom said she will take me back to the beach tomorrow when the wind has dropped a bit. I can't wait.