RIP my baby!
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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pictures of Norman's Grave

To my dearest little Normie,

my sweetie, may you rest here in peace, away from all mommy's stresses in her life and all your horrible shakes. I know you are my little angel looking after me from your special spot in doggie heaven.

I miss you more than you will ever believe. I will be getting another Norman Doggie one day again - just to keep my memories of you alive. You meant everything to me and nobody will ever understand how sad I will always be about loosing you.

I love you forever my little darling. I visit your little grave by the ocean all the time and promise to look after it really well.

Thank you ever so much Kaytee for sending me the most beautiful little Tin-Tin and Snowy soft toy and heart shaped stone. I placed the stone in Normie's grave as promised and took a picture for you with the little doggie by his grave.

The pic below is Kaytee a long time ago.

I will always treasure the memories of Norman. He was taken away from us way too soon.
I will keep this blog, and promise to keep you updated for when I one day have the strength get Norman the II.

Thank you to everyone for reading Normie's blog and always being so kind and supportive to us.



Asta said...

Dawling angel Normie
I'm so sad that you had to go to heaven way too eawly. Youw mommis heawt still aches missing you. I know you look down and keep a watch ovew hew and will help hew heal and eventooally get a Nowmie !! to keep hew love of you alive . I t will be always a twiboote to the love the two of you had.
Youw gwave is bootiful..I love the little Nowmie stuffie.
I'm sending youw mom heling smoochie kisses

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We are so, so sad to hear this! We know Normie will be watching over you and waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Our mom says she knows it doesn't work for EVERYONE, but when one of her furkids has to leave, she says getting another one right away helps to heal her heart!

Rest well, sweet Norman!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Southbay Girl said...

Norman's mommie, we are so sorry you are stills ad...but we understand! It's so hard to lose a furrbaby!!! You will never forget Norman! he will always be with you! And what a wonderful place you can go and visit with him! very peaceful! We hope you find solace and peace that he is no longer in pain!

Mom and I hope one day you do get another furrbaby!!! You'll never replace Norman but sometimes it helps with the pain!


velcro and Mom Penny

Daniella said...

I am still in shock that you are gone Normie, you will be so missed. Your grave looks fit for the King and angel that you were. I hope your Mommy is doing ok. We can't imagine the heartbreak. You left us too soon Buddy.


TwoSpecialWires said...


We're feeling sad. We just came across your blog and never had a chance to know you. We're sorta new here, to DWB, and wish we had met you while you still ran the fields of this earth. We've added you to our blog list, because we want to know if your mommy updates your blog. We are two rescued wfts that our mommy adopted after she lost her wire name Molly a little over a year ago. We're betting that Molly met ou at the Rainbow Bridge. Everytime we see a rainbow, we think of the dogs we know who are across it, and now you will be one of those dogs who get mentioned.

Our mom tells your mom to know healing licks and loves are sent her way,
Jake and Fergi

Anonymous said...

Norman is such a cute dog and his photos are very impressive. It's just so sad to know that he has passed away!!! I'm experiencing similar sadness as you are because my wire fox terrier passed away in early July for kidney failure. I totally agree with you that dog is not just a dog to a dog owner. It's the interaction between us that brings us as close as family members. I believe that both Norman and my Foxy are living happily thereafter in heaven.

Be strong,

Rata molluda said...

I,m sorry very much. I saw yesterday a youtube´s video of Norman eating an apple, it´s so beautiful.
I have had wire fox terriers all my life, I have a website ( ) with pictures of my two pretty foxs Pink Panther de Anzur and El Comodín de Anzur

Jessica Kramer said...

Hello, I just came across your blog from a Youtube video, I'm sorry to read about your loss, I lost my little Foxie in February this year, and it was the most heart breaking thing I ever experienced, Fox Terriers are the most brilliant breed of dog I'm sure you will find another one who will bring alive all the Happy memories of your Norman.