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Sunday, 05 April 2009

Hiking Constantia Neck Table Mountain

Hi everyone,

This weekend I went hiking up a very steep side of Table Mountain, called Constantia Neck. Holy smokes, it was so high that I was so hot that I even decided to have a little swim on my own in the lake when I got to the top.

Mom shared some of her fudge and leftover pizza crusts with me when we stopped for a pic-nic. I know how to drink water from a bottle, so it was easy for mom to give me water when I got thirsty at any time. I met lots of other doggies on the way, but there was no time for me to hang around them for too long, cause I had to keep up with mom.

By the time we got back to the car, I had a little blister on my paw, so mom is fixing it now for me, and it should be better soon. All and all, I had the best walk I have ever had in my whole life. Mom took the leash off and I was free to run as much as I wanted to. I was a very good boy and listened to mom all the time. Table Mountain National Park is the only park in the entire South Africa that allows dogs for doggie walks. Mom sez we are very lucky and she will try to take me on more hikes with her in the future.

Ive just had a shower with mom to wash off all the dirt from the mountain.

Im going to sleep now, coz Im very tired.

Hope you are all well and love you all lots and lots like jelly tots and bones.


1 comment: said...

Wow! That really must have been a wonderful trip! I live far from mountains and do not have an ability to go high and swim in a lake up there:( Thank you so much for sharing!