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Monday, 26 January 2009

A video of Norman having a seizure

Hi everyone,

herewith a video which I took of Normie whilst he had 2 seizures last Friday. The seizures were less than 10 minutes apart and each seizure lasted about 1 minute. In total he had 8 or 10 seizures that morning. I rushed him to the vet who gave him some valium and Normie fell asleep immediatly thereafter for about 4 hours. After he woke up he was 100% fine again and back to normal.

This is what happens when Norman has seizures:

Im trying to find a pattern as to why he has seizures. Is it maybe the food Im giving him, as I dont give him anything other than his doggie food and often give him cow hoofs and cow hides to chew.

I mentioned to the vet that I was stressed out during the week and asked if that could have had an effect on the doggies? The vet said that dogs can often smell the stress we experience.

Normie is back to normal again, but I always have to keep an eye on the little bugger.


Asta said...

Normie sweetie
I'm so sowwy that you have to go thwough thiese awful seizuwes..ouw fwiend Snickers has them too, and My BffLacie the Lakeland..Youw Mommi loves you so and it's so nice the way she holds you and twies to calm you..
I hope they can figoowe out how to at least have less of and smoochie kisses
pee ess youw Mom might want to talk to Butchy and Snickers Mama fow advice

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Norman,
Wow, your seizures are more active than Snickers. She also gets the cluster seizures, each about 10 minutes apart. How often do you get these? Be sure to keep track of what you have eaten before the seizures hit & the time of the food. Some seizures are from low blood sugar. Maybe your vet already tested you for this? Snickers seizures usually start when she is just laying down or napping. But some dogs do get them from excitement or stress. We're so sorry you get these too. Snickers just had her medication dosage increased. So we'll see how long it is before she has anymore seizures. Hopefully it's a LONG time.
Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Norman said...

hello friends! Snickers, sorry to hear u also get these funny shakes and rattles! they make me so dizzy sometimes.

sanks for all your support, mom sez she is keeping a food diary for me now. We hope thats gonna help understand why and what is going on. im gonna find out from the doc what i can take to help my sugar levels too. mom does not give me any sweeties or sugary stuff :(

i eat lots of apples and love prunes and oh watermellon! oooo now u guys are making me hungry :)

will let u all know if we find anything out.

lots of love
Normie xxx

Jackson said...

Hey Norman, I was very sad watching your video, but I think it might be helpful to others so they know what to expect if their dog has epilepsy. I've had some seizures myself too, but I haven't had one for ages. We never found out what caused them. Good luck with your treatment pal. J x

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Normie,

You are too young a sweet fella to have these twibulations. We hope you stop having these terrible seizures, but we awe glad your mum is doing evwything possible. Thanks fow your video. We didn't know what the seizures looked like, so we learned lots fwom watching your video.

Love to you, Asta (oz)

Daniella said...

Watching Norman have a seizure broke my heart and reduced me to tears. How dreadful. I really feel for him and for you Mom. I hope you can find out the cause or at least how to treat them.

Dani and Ax

creativedetroit said...

I know that some rawhide are treated with dangerous chemicals. Many dog owners refuse to give their dogs rawhides because of them. I don't know if that helps at all, but maybe you can switch to chewing something safter like Booda bones and see if that does anything. Oh Norman, I hope you get better!!

fox terrier lover from Italia said...

Rip Norman from Italy. I saw your blog only today, here at the seaside with my wire fox terrier. We are thinkink of you Norman while we stare this beautiful Adriatic Sea. Ciao bellissimo, ora stai correndo in un grosso prato a forma di osso!