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Saturday, 04 August 2007

Hungry Doggies

We know when there is something good going on in the kitchen!

Carlo always shows me how to make food for when I grow up to make my own food one day.

... but when I dont get my foodies in time, its not a problem at all. There are many things in and around the house that I enjoy eating.

Thanks mom!

Much love


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Normie,

You're getting sooo big. You look so cute.

xxx Asta down under

Jackson said...

Awwww, Norman! Can you come and eat my hairbrush? I don't like being brushed much. J x

Asta said...

Hi Normie
It's good to see you..enjoy the's sowt of like a stickie..they're fun to's gweat that you're lewning how to cook, I see you're paying vewy good attention..I bet you'll be a gweat chef
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

Hello Norman! We got your site off of Butchy+Snickers site! You are adorable! We are Archie + Agatha from Boston Ma USA.We just read about Rambo and are so thankfull that you found him.He is a lucky pup and we hope he can find a great home. Love Agatha+ Archie

Lucky said...

Hi Norman! It's great to meet you. You look like a lot of fun! So it is winter in South Africa right now? My mommy's uncle lived in South Africa for many years and he goes back to visit often. Maybe I can convince him to take me with him next time. Although I'm not sure I could hold it for that long of a plane flight :-) Have a great day!

William Tell said...

You should see the leg of Mom rocking chair in the front room. Looks like a puppy was teething on it.

(I didn't do it)

William Tell