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Thank you to Williams-FoxterrierForum

Thank you to everyone at for all your kind words and support! Norman RIP my little angel-doggie xxx
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Just a Dog?

My friend Charmaine from Pets as Therapy sent me a beautiful note about Just a Dog. I loved it so much, I created this little slide show about it for Norman. Thanks Charmaine for the awesome note, it really meant a lot to me.

Pictures of Norman's Grave

To my dearest little Normie, my sweetie, may you rest here in peace, away from all mommy's stresses in her life and all your horrible shakes. I know you are my little angel looking after me from your special spot in doggie heaven. I miss you more than you will ever believe. I will be getting another Norman Doggie one day again - just to keep my memories of you alive. You meant everything to me and nobody will ever understand how sad I will always be about loosing you. I love you forever my little darling. I visit your little grave by the ocean all the time and promise to look after it really well. Thank you ever so much Kaytee for sending me the most beautiful little Tin-Tin and Snowy soft toy and heart shaped stone. I placed the stone in Normie's grave as promised and took a picture for you with the little doggie by his grave. The pic below is Kaytee a long time ago. I will always treasure the memories of Norman. He was taken away from us way too soon. I wil

RIP Normie Feb 2007 - Apr 2009

To all Normie's friends out there, It was a very difficult and sad decision that I made today. Normie's seizures have progressively worsened over the past few months and his recent episodes just did not want to end. He started seizuring at 17h30 on Tuesday 7 April 2009, and they got longer and every single time. I had him at the vet 3 times and then he stayed overnight again last night, but when he got home today, he was running into walls and looking strangely at his toys. It was obvious that the brain damage started and he continued his fits until I had him back at the doctor at 16h00 today. By recommendation from the doc and my own trauma of seeing all this, we decided it would be better to have him put to sleep. I will miss his love. I will miss his laughter. I will miss his wagging tale. I will miss his devoted love to me... he followed me every step that I made. The loo, the shower, the bath, the kitchen, the bedroom, even when i mowed the lawn... 100% devoted

Hiking Constantia Neck Table Mountain

Hi everyone, This weekend I went hiking up a very steep side of Table Mountain, called Constantia Neck. Holy smokes, it was so high that I was so hot that I even decided to have a little swim on my own in the lake when I got to the top. Mom shared some of her fudge and leftover pizza crusts with me when we stopped for a pic-nic. I know how to drink water from a bottle, so it was easy for mom to give me water when I got thirsty at any time. I met lots of other doggies on the way, but there was no time for me to hang around them for too long, cause I had to keep up with mom. By the time we got back to the car, I had a little blister on my paw, so mom is fixing it now for me, and it should be better soon. All and all, I had the best walk I have ever had in my whole life. Mom took the leash off and I was free to run as much as I wanted to. I was a very good boy and listened to mom all the time. Table Mountain National Park is the only park in the entire South Africa that allows dog

The diary of Norman

Hi there everyone, well, no photo's for today, as Mom has done something to her camera. But I have been very busy doing stuff: I love to play with my soccer ball. I love to chase the birds in my garden. I have been teasing boogie every day. My best part is biting her in her neck and then pulling the skin as hard as I can. Then she tries to bite me back, but Im often just too fast for her. I still go for runnies on the beach with mom. Mom has this new thing where she runs for 3km. I follow her and its such fun. By the time we get home, I cant even tease Boogie any more! I got a new Rogz doggie as a present the other day, because my old one only has its head left, the rest of its body was pulled apart nicely by boogie and me. I still hang out in the window sills during the day, only to catch up on what the neighbours are doing. Boogie asked me to keep her updated on why the yakking from the doggies next door. So I give her a complete run down of events as and when they happ

Does Your Dog Have "Doggy Breath"?

Brush His Teeth. Dog Breath Sure, you love those big, wet, sloppy kisses. But you'd love them a lot more without the doggy breath. A simple tooth brushing can do a world of good. Brush your dog’s teeth, and that nasty doggy breath becomes "kissably" fresh. A healthy brushing only takes about a minute of your time, and over time those minutes could mean years of healthy living for your favorite four-legged friend. Source: Pet Product Advisor I like it when mom brushes my teeth. It makes them look bigger - Im sure if it! lots of love Normie xxx